Yes, that’s what I feel about ourselves.

There are abundant resources out there for us to explore, to experiment, to risk, to taste and finally to take a plunge.

But we are still using only the fewest of these resources…and yet we are blaming on the irrelevant, temporary and unnecessary things.

The universe has abundant resources out of which we are using the bare minimum.

I think it’s high time that we take notice of this disease and cure it.

Before shouting “I don’t have enough resources” lets question ourselves “what on earth is that we lack” or “what’s stopping us from reaching our dreams”

All this boils down to one thing: We love blaming rather than doing.

I think we are mentally far more lazy than we seem to be.

We are lazy to find resources which exist all around us.

Even when we find them we are lazy to use them.

Forget the resources, we are damn lazy to tackle even our own laziness.

Before these things cloud our dreams…

Lets step into our very own brain and trash out all the clutter and lets ponder about all the good things ‘present’ around us…

Hence I say youth: they are not useless, they are using less.

Core 2 Crust

There are very few people around us who can attract a lot of attention towards themselves. Of course this might not be their intention, but they can hook people to them for long. We call them charismatic. I always wondered whats in them that others lack. Gradually the secret unfolded to me. It’s in their core. All the charismatic people are beautiful at the core. It’s not that they act, but its all in this one fact. The beauty which is at their core reflects and surfaces to the crust and radiates through their actions. So don’t try to act smartness, try to cultivate it at the core. The rest follows…

Many people live a false life. They love one thing but will work for another. Some know it in the heart,  Some never reveal it. Some repent later. But it’s a fact. Wake up!! because it would be too late if you put your ladder against the wrong wall. You may have climbed few rungs and now you have to come down and put the ladder to the right wall and start everything from the scratch. But the juice is worth the squeeze. Before making your problem too complex question yourself “Is my ladder against the right wall?” Don’t cheat yourself. You have just one life.

There are always two scenarios that prevail in the existence: Things which are in our hand and things which aren’t. In other sense things which can be changed easily and the rest which never change even after your umpteen efforts. Wise are those who understand the difference between the two. Fools are those who fluctuate between the two.